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A team to build the dream.

Change Agent has nearly 50 creation experts as well as another 25 tech experts and engineers. In our office, we don't separate departments. HR sits next to marketing, which sits next to software. Everyone works together to deliver the most innovative and effective results for our clients. We're proud to be change agents, transforming the way businesses market online.  

Meet our directors of websites and marketing below to get an intro our team and office. 

Beatrice Badler

Meet Beatrice, our director of website design and content. With a decade of experience, Beatrice has developed a highly trained muscle for building engaging, converting sites. Beatrice's love of photography has enhanced her eye for design even more. Her immense love of The Bachelor is just for fun.

Clark Blackwood

This is Clark. He's the head of marketing strategy. After working as a social media campaign manager for a major corporation, he wanted to move into a boutique agency where he could spread his creative wings. When Clark isn't wowing clients, he's taking pictures of his corgi Coconut and binging on The Office. 

Let's get started.

Our team is here for you. We're excited to start brainstorming ideas for your website and marketing campaign. Schedule your free initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works.


Who are these Geeks?

Lets not bore you... Our founders have extensive years in sales and marketing, matched up with direct sales (door to door marketing), digital marketing, brand activation and a huge dose of geek.  

Our main objective is to take stagnated brands and making them grow. We will create a whole sales funnel which is not limited to just websites & digital marketing, we go all out. 

We are all about results and the results businesses require is brand awareness, sales and leads.

mthoko Ngwane geek smart

Photo taken by Ela's Place

Meet Mthoko

This is Mthoko. Lover of mankind , a simple surfer wanna be dude, who digs adventure and typically geeks every other second he gets. 

Been in the travel business for just over 9 years now; I share and implement only the best and greatest tools that have worked for my clients, guest houses, shuttles, and other travel brands. 

Why share all this expertise now? Because theres enough money to go around, your businesses success doesnt pull from mine; lets share in it. 

"Fund your own ideas & dreams" - Mthoko

"We did away with impossible & cant be done, a long time ago" - Mthoko

Our Process

We dont have a one size fits all model. Though strategies and gimicks may have relation, but we find that very first consultation with you to be very important for the both of us (its not an interrogation we swear!). The more we know about your business the better, and quicker are the results.

Selling you a easy click and pay package is not what we are after. Your business is personal and a somewhat extension of who you are, we therefore prefer to extend our time with you first.

With us; its all about results.


We wont pull the plug on you.. We will see this through with you.

Lets work!

Get your people to get in touch with my people and lets work together towards your goals

We guarantee you bookings. It's that simple!

Geek Smart is a global hotel marketing agency that guarantees its clients customers to their door. We provide both small and large hotels, B&Bs and guest houses the expertise needed to generate revenue.


How we help

We create a full and complete marketing engine that guarantees your establishment new monthly sales & leads

Custom Plans

We create a custom marketing plan that suits your business size and target market, but we dont stop here.. We implement it, do regular follow ups and monitor it.

Audience Marketing

We assist your brand in reaching a global market place of potential buyers including travel agencies, business & leisure travellers that are ready to book. Increasing revenue & brand awareness is what we do!

The Personal Touch

Lets go deeper. We will make it our point to come see you personally so to asses your establishment, finding loop holes to improve conversions and repeat business. What we suggest works! 

Let us help you pull customers through your doors.

We take establishments of all sizes and make them work!.. sales & lead generation starts from day one. 

Let Geek Smart create the engines and marketing gimicks that will speak direct and loud to your potential clients.


Customer & result driven....

Meet your new sales team.

Let's schedule a phone call and visit to discuss your establishments growth.

geek smart

A full proof system that converts to hotel room sales!

This marketing and sales solution package is suitable for B&B's, guest houses and boutique hotels of approximately 5 - 17 rooms. 

It aims at giving each establishment more direct bookings. We list your establishment with the correct travel agencies, corporate booking engines and booking systems or channel managers; we also fix your current listings and find ways to help them convert better. 

We then create marketing gimmicks that will launch your brand into receiving new bookings from its first week of signing up with us. We include a website lease or new web page creation , or simply tweak your existing website.  

Our team will also do a site visit to your establishment to assist in suggesting any key elements that can work to propel your business (we look at maintenance, the look and feel of your establishment, customer service & guest relations improvements plus more).  

All travel costs are on the customer’s account; but don’t worry, we won’t fly where we can drive, we also won’t book our stay anywhere else, we'll stay with you.  

A professional photographer is an added bonus for signing up today! 30 day estimated earning potential on off peak seasons: R65 000 - R180 000 (depends on room rate, your area, and your product look).  

Added service: - access to our fast and reliable maintenance team for a free quote on your upgrades and establishment maintenance - A professional photographer - free one on one chat with us - On going marketing and representation of your establishment  

The Cost : R21 500 per month 

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